SESYNC is excited to announce the 2020 RFP call for our Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

Summary: The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), located in Annapolis, Maryland, invites applications from early-career scholars (б≤ 4 years post Ph.D.) for two-year postdoctoral fellowships that begin June 1, 2020. Each Fellow works with a Collaborating Mentor of their choosing that extends the Fellow’s current network of collaborators; the mentor may be affiliated with any organization or institution. Fellows are in residence at SESYNC full time but are provided travel funds to interact with their mentor and attend conferences. Successful candidates will use synthesis methods to address a problem arising from, or associated with, the relationship between humans and nature. Priority will be given to projects that have the potential to advance understanding of socio-environmental systems, but the information synthesized may be primarily social or environmental in nature, or some mix.  SESYNC particularly encourages applications from candidates who will take advantage of ecological or geoscience data sets (e.g., geospatial, hyperspectral, etc.), ongoing experiments, or modeling results, especially if they wish to link their work with social data or theory. In addition to undertaking a synthesis research project, Postdoctoral Fellows will participate in SESYNC’s Socio-Environmental Immersion Program. Unique among environmental postdoctoral programs, a learning component of the program will steep Fellows in theory foundational to understanding socio-environmental systems and prepare them to conduct interdisciplinary and actionable research. The core of this experience is engagement with material and people from diverse disciplines that are relevant to research on socio-environmental systems. This takes the form of interactive workshops and lectures by visiting scholars and policy-makers, discussions motivated by videos, or thought-exercises and activities.

Learn more about the program, requirements, and deadlines at are due November 8th.

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