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Middle and high school mountain education

Mountain curriculum and teacher resources

Mountain Sentinels Storymaps
In-depth curriculum about mountain ranges across the globe, including interactive maps, compelling stories and multi-media content. The online experience is supported by downloadable lesson standards, teacher guide, student guide and student glossary.

Article with Teacher Key: How can we keep mountains healthy?
Identifying the most critical threats to mountains and find solutions to reduce them.

Article with Teacher Key: How can we make mountain disasters less disastrous?
Investigating two different mountain management methods that could reduce the costs of disasters.

Student mountain resources

Matsch Valley, Italy Storymap
An accessible, interactive resource with multi-media content on the Matsch Valley mountain community in northern Italy — its geology, ecology, biodiversity and culture, and the stakeholders who drive change in the region.

Reading list

Engaging books to foster curiosity and inspire action in preteens and teenagers.