What is the Early Career Mountain Sentinels group?2017-04-11T07:44:50-06:00

The Early Career Mountain Sentinels includes undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, peace corps volunteers, and other mountain enthusiasts. This group is a subset of our network that is specifically devoted to building our early career network, sharing ideas and opportunities for collaboration. If you are part of this group you will receive all the announcements of the larger network as well as build a specialized network and opportunities catered to the early career group.

Do I need to be in academia to be part of the Mountain Sentinels network?2017-04-11T07:44:30-06:00

Absolutely not! You just need to love mountain environments and people. We strive to get out of the ‘ivory tower’ and welcome people of different ages, nationalities, professions and ‘walks of life’ to add to our diversity, world views, and impact.

What does it mean to be a member of Mountain Sentinels?2017-04-11T07:44:13-06:00

As a member of our group, you will receive our announcements about issues and opportunities related to mountain sustainability, stay informed of events we or our collaborators are organizing, and have the opportunity to participate in or initiate activities with us and our expanding membership and partners.

How can I become a member of the Mountain Sentinels Network?2017-04-11T07:43:48-06:00

It’s easy, just sign up here and we will add you to our mailing list.

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