Exploring Climate Solutions: Voices from the Mountains

We are excited to share insights from the recent event, "Just and Sustainable Climate Futures: Stories and Solutions from the Mountains." This dynamic gathering, hosted on December 11, 2023, at the JustNorth Pavilion during UNFCCC COP28 in observance of UN International Mountain Day, brought together 18 passionate individuals from various mountain communities worldwide. Led by Katie Kamelamela, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University and Mountain Sentinels Fellow, along with Jacob Stewart, Mountain Sentinels Community Director, the event aimed to explore community-based approaches to climate adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable mountain development.

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A Meeting of the Mountains: MS Fellows attend Canadian Mountain Network’s Knowledge Sharing Summit

By: Rowena Davis, Program Manager In late September, I was fortunate enough to be one of five travelers from Mountain Sentinels who attended the Canadian Mountain Network’s (CMN) Knowledge Sharing Summit in Parksville, British Columbia [...]

Mountain Sentinels collaboration with Livable Future Podcast: Mountain Life Series

Mountain Sentinels is collaborating with Livable Future Podcast to accelerate and uplift the voices of mountain communities around action, struggle, and development towards sustainable futures. This series will bring stories of mountain community members, leaders, [...]

Looking Back but also Forward: The UN Year for Sustainable Mountain Development Comes to a Close

“Mountains are our origins and mountains are our solutions,” declared Wu Zhimin, Director of the Forestry Division for FAO, at the beginning of the closing ceremonies of the UN International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development [...]

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