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Research Themes

Addressing Complex Sustainability Challenges of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems
Integrated Community and Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: A New Paradigm for Disaster Management in Complex Systems
Transdisciplinary Approaches to Mountain Sustainability
Transdisciplinary Modeling of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems

Research Locations and Story Maps

Mountains have rich stories to tell. Click on the sites below (▲) to discover the geology, species, cultures, history, and unique opportunities and challenges native to each region.

Hot off the Press

Mountain Ecosystem Services

  Here are a few recent papers that share different ways to think about the Ecosystems Services Mountains Provide to Humanity. Aida Cuni-Sanchez, a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, worked with Dr. Robert Marchant from University [...]

Addressing Complex SES Challenges

Mountain social‐ecological systems (MtSES) are vital to humanity, providing ecosystem services to over half the planet's human population. Despite their importance, there has been no global assessment of threats to MtSES, even as they face [...]

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Cattle are moved seasonally between private and federal rangeland in mountain communities. Social–ecological approaches to rangeland management have been developed by the Blue Mountains working group and the Community‐Based Observing Network working group of the [...]