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US Mountain Sentinels, Get Ready to VOTE!

Confirm you are registered, make a plan for VOTE and do so as early as possible.  Help others in the process as well.

A New US Congressional Resolution!

Resolution S.Con.Res.47 and H.Con.Res.119, was introduced by members of the US Congress on September 23, 2020. The resolution recognizes children’s fundamental rights and the need for climate recovery.  Learn more.

Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy (CORE) Act

A Letter in support of the CORE Act was signed by 111 Colorado Local Elected Officials.  Learn More. 


Upcoming Workshops and Events

RiversEdge West Conference 2021

RiversEdge West has been conducting riparian restoration research and management conferences with a focus on impacts to riparian habitat in the Southwestern U.S. since 2001. The primary goal of REW’s annual conference is to connect the people managing riparian lands and stream environments with the techniques, scientific findings, lessons learned, and products that help make restoration successful. This venue also [...]

The Perfect Storm Webinar

“We can’t rely on quitting fossil fuels alone to fix the climate and environmental justice crises that we face.” We need another key part of the defense: standing forests. JOIN US on October 6th at 5pm ET OR October 8th at 12pm ET for a one of a kind webinar and expert panel that will address: How false industry solutions [...]

Past Workshops and Events

1s Global Mountain Sustainability Forum

About In the epoch of Anthropocene, where humans have a significant impact on the Earth’s geology and ecology, the sustainability of our social-economic systems is the basic prerequisite for the long-term existence of mankind. Any pathway towards such sustainability necessarily calls for deep transformations of our society and will require complementary actions by governments, civil society, science, and business (Sachs [...]


The Santiago Climate Change Conference will take place in Parque Bicentenario Cerrillos in Santiago de Chile, Chile from 2 to 13 December. More information:

Community-based Collaborative Conservation in the Rocky Mountain Region

Sixty leaders of community-based collaborative conservation gathered in an interactive workshop hosted by the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University in March 2018. Workshop participants represented diverse geographies, conservation and livelihood issues, communities, scales and entities across the seven state Rocky Mountain Region. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the need to create an action plan [...]

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Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
John Lubbock