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Building Ethical Partnerships for Indigenous-led Conservation

The Indigenous-led conservation movement has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the grassroots efforts of Indigenous leaders and their communities, and to the milestone report from the Indigenous Circle of Experts: We Rise Together.

The report sets out several recommendations for federal, provincial, and territorial governments, environmental organizations, philanthropy, and civil society to “build a new relationship on protected and conserved areas” (p10). These relationships must be built through the principles of respect, responsibility, and reciprocity – and they extend beyond human relationships, to relationships with the lands, waters, non-human relatives, and future generations.

The Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership was established to act on these recommendations, bringing together partners to elevate and advance Indigenous-led conservation through reconciliation.

In this free session, we will explore this question and more, through stories and examples of ethical relationships and partnerships that have been built, strengthened, or renewed.

This session will be moderated by Dr. Kristi Leora Gansworth (Kitigan Zibi), with guest speakers:

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