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Join us on Saturday Aug 19, 2023 for From Burn to Bloom!

In 2020, our community experienced the largest wildfires in Colorado history. Since then, researchers at CSU have been working hard to understand how these high-elevation fires have impacted our ecosystems. To share this research with the public, we invited artists across disciplines to co-create hands-on stations for learning and making. 

Get inspired by the ways nature repairs after fire and reflect on building more resilient landscapes–and mindsets–in the face of an ever-changing climate with the following activities and more!

  • Paint algal bloom watercolors + learn how fire affects our water quality
  • Make rainbow trout block prints + learn how fire influences fish and bugs
  • Create an aspen cyanotype + learn how they protect the forest from fire
  • Craft a resiliency charm bracelet + learn about post-fire stream response
  • Write a love letter to the forest on seed paper + learn about post-fire flowers 
  • Play in a (simulated) beaver pond + learn how beavers strengthen post-fire landscape
  • Make a community tile mosaic + learn about what plants grow after fire 
  • Take a selfie with Smokey Bear + learn about how you can mitigate wildfire

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