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Improving social and environmental sustainability in mountain communities

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Our Fellowship Program supports a diverse group of mountain inquirers and advocates, from students to local community leaders, and helps them bring their projects to life.

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See how Fellows and their projects are making mountains, and the world, more sustainable.
Ready to make your idea a reality?

Every Fellow gets the pro bono support of the Mountain Sentinels leadership team, professionals and community dedicated to solving the issues that impact the lives of diverse people living and working in overlooked and underrepresented mountain places.

  • $1,500 USD stipend
  • One-on-one mentorship with a Mountain Sentinels member
  • Monthly virtual gatherings with other Fellows
  • Participate in the 2021 Moving Mountains Summit (likely virtual)

The Mountain Sentinels Collaborative Network invites applications for a Mountain Sentinels Fellowship Program:

  • The Fellows Program will support 10-15 individuals living or working in a mountain community** significantly impacted by COVID-19.
  • Fellows will conduct a project focused on improving social and environmental health and well beling in a mountain community impacted by COVID-19.
  • We seek applicants who are under-served and/or under-represented in science.*
We are open to applicants from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds and ages. We anticipate the final cohort will be a mix of students across educational levels (high school through postdoctoral) as well as individual mountain community members and those from diverse industries and organizations. Applicants are expected to live or work in, or have a strong connection to, a mountain community and be passionate about social and environmental sustainability. We seek Fellows from groups that are typically under-served and/or under-represented in science.
  • $1500 USD can be used to address immediate challenges from COVID-19 (e.g., food security, education, community health) in their personal household or community in the mountains, and/or
  • To carry out the Fellow’s project
  • Funds are not required to be spent on project activities. Other uses of funding could include purchasing and distributing food items in your home or community, or funding your own time spent on sustainability-oriented activities. However, if funds are used in this way, Fellows still need to conduct and report on a project with a mountain community affected by COVID-19, as described above. The project can also be an addition to an on-going project.
Each Fellow will receive $1,500 USD. Fellows will be invited to participate in at least one Mountain Sentinels activity:

  • One-on-one mentorship with a member of Mountain Sentinels.
  • Monthly virtual gatherings amongst the Fellows cohort.
  • Participation in the 2021 Moving Mountains Summit (virtual or in-person)

Please send the following materials to [email protected]:

  • A resume/CV, no longer than 2 pages
  • A written essay (< 500 word) or video (< 5 minutes) describing how you or your community meet the
    Fellowship criteria (i.e., mountain community significantly impacted by COVID-19; applicant from an
    under-represented or under-served group).
  • A written (< 500 word) or video (< 5 minutes) description of: (a) your project and (b) how you will spend
    the funds. Fellows will be notified regarding the status of their application no later than August 21.
    The Fellowship will begin September 1, 2020.
Reach out with eligibility questions, to learn more about project suitability criteria or with your idea on how to use funds.
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