Addressing Complex Sustainability Challenges of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems

We present a conceptual model of mountains and analyze date from 57 mountain sites worldwide to demonstrate the broad-scale pressures and local system shocks that are affecting nearly all mountain regions worldwide and their ecosystem services, but with specific configurations across mountain economic and land use groups. We also review 55 coupled SES modeling studies and examine which challenges that are addressing, what types of models they use and what the model purpose is. We propose participatory social-ecological systems modeling as a new transdisciplinary tool, when utilized for broader purposes by researcher/stakeholder teams, to address cross-scale issues facing important social-ecological systems such as mountains.

Julia Klein, Colorado State University USA
Catherine Tucker, University of Florida USA
Anne Nolin, Oregon State University USA
Robin Reid, Colorado State University USA
Kelly Hopping, Stanford University USA
Cara Steger, Colorado State University USA
Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, ETH, Switzerland
Sandra Lavorel, CNRS, France
Sybil Brunner, ETH, Switzerland
Bettina Weibel, ETH, Switzerland
Emily Yeh, University of Colorado USA
Patrick Bourgeron, University of Colorado USA
Van Bustic, University of California USA
Edwin Castellanos, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Xiaodong Chen, North Carolina State University
Shikui Dong, China Normal University
Greg Greenwood, Mountain Research Initiative, Switzerland
Margreth Keiler, University of Bern, Switzerland
Birgit Müller, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany
Anthony Prato, University of Missouri USA
Roman Seidl, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Karina Yager, Stonybrook University USA

Plus the Mountain Sentinels Network members who contributed survey data: M. Abbot, G. Bowser, C. Carpenter, G. Cumming, P. Evangelista, M. Fernandez-Giminez, C. Flint, B. Forbes, D. Gerkey, M. Ghorbani, J. Haider, R. Ghate, B. Karna, D. Kauneckis, K. Kulbhushan, S. Leisz, R. Marchant, B. Martin-Lopez, B. Nakilez, M. Price, D. Savchuk, M. Šmid, E. Sproles, A. Taber, U. Tappeiner, G. Tevzadze, K. Ueno

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