The Future of Mountain Communities & Environments

All of our work is oriented towards the future well-being and sustainability of mountain communities and environments.  Our global synthesis of the paradoxes and challenges facing mountains – and ways to catalyze future sustainability – is one thread.  In line with our work of Science with Society, we are also exploring Participatory Scenario Processes:  What are the desired and undesired futures of mountain communities? What are the plausible and preferred pathways to achieve those desired futures?  This is an active area of research for Mountain Sentinels.  We have one paper in review with the journal Ecology and Society and we can’t wait to share the results with you.  Please check back in August 2020 where we will upack this work and its implications for Mountain Futures.

Jessica Thorn, Julia Klein, Cara Steger, Kelly Hopping, Claudia Capitani, Catherine Tucker, Anne Nolin, Robin Reid, Roman Seidl, Vishwas Chitale and Robert Marchant are authors on the first paper.  But many colleagues have been working with us and inspiring us with their work on this theme. 

Interested in getting involved?