Collaborative Modeling of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems

In light of recent technical and methodological advances in participatory modeling of socio-ecological systems, we are examining and evaluating the use of models in different mountain contexts, considering a range of model complexity and “fit for purpose”. We are in the process of developing synthesis modeling tools to identify pathways to sustainability for mountain social-ecological systems.

We held a workshop in Bend, Oregon where we worked to identify conceptual models of mountain social-ecology systems by land use group: pastoral, agro-pastoral, tourism/logging, tourism/recreation, agriculture and non-timber forest products.

Participants in our workshop on modeling social-ecological systems in mountains. Bend, Oregon.

One of the papers that resulted from our workshop.

Marty Anderies, Arizona State University USA
Randy Boone, Colorado State University USA
Xiaodong Chen, University of North Carolina USA
Vishwas Chitale, ICIMOD, Nepal
Adrienne Gret-Regamey, University of Zurich Switzerland
Kelly Hopping, Stanford University USA
Julia Klein, Colorado State University USA
Sandra Lavorel, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) France
Robert Marchant, University of York UK
Birgit Muller, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Germany
Anne Nolin, Oregon State University USA
Robin Reid, Colorado State University USA
Roman Seidl, ETH-Zurich Switzerland
Cara Elizabeth Steger, Colorado State University USA
Jessica Thorn, Colorado State University USA

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