MtnClim 2022: Science for Decision-Making in Mountains

Gothic, Colorado

The MtnClim research conferences are sponsored by the Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in the Western Mountains (CIRMOUNT) and is dedicated to mountain climate sciences and the effects of climate variability on ecosystems, natural resources, and conservation in western North American mountains. MtnClim conferences feature invited and contributed talks, poster sessions, field trips, and working-group [...]

XII European Mountain Convention 2022: Smart Mountains

Sila National Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, Italy

The XII European Mountain Convention will be organised on 25 – 27 October 2022 in the Sila National Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, Italy, by Euromontana in collaboration with Cia – Agricoltori Italiani. ​ One day of study visits and two days of conference to define a sustainable strategy for the development of smart mountains towards 2050 and provide the basis for [...]

Building Ethical Partnerships for Indigenous-led Conservation


The Indigenous-led conservation movement has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the grassroots efforts of Indigenous leaders and their communities, and to the milestone report from the Indigenous Circle of Experts: We Rise Together. The report sets out several recommendations for federal, provincial, and territorial governments, environmental organizations, philanthropy, and civil society to “build a [...]

Alpine Towns Conference 2022


The Alpine Towns conference aims to present the main findings from the Ninth Report on the State of the Alps (RSA9) on the topic, and to discuss its implementation in practice. The conference will take place online and interpretation will be available in German, French, Italian, Slovenian and English. The event is aimed at a wide [...]


Join us on December 9 for an International Mountain Day event: Women Move Mountains SAVE THE DATE! December 9th, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm MT. Canadian Mountain Network and Mountain Sentinels are partnering to host “Women Move Mountains,” a dialogue on this year’s International Mountain Day (IMD) theme. Women play a key role in the stewardship, conservation, [...]

AGU Fall Meeting 2022

Chicago, IL & Online

AGU Fall Meeting is the most influential event in the world dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space sciences. Every year, AGU Fall Meeting unites the Earth and space science community to share findings, connect like-minded scientists from around the world, and advance our profession and shared passion for the impact of science. AGU [...]

26th Alpine Glaciology Meeting

At its 26th edition, the Alpine Glaciology Meeting is an annual, community-building gathering addressing researchers that are active in the field of glaciology. While the meeting is held on a 5-year cycle in Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy, and Germany, it welcomes glacier-interested researchers from around the world. Similarly, the contributions presented in form of oral [...]

Alliance Office Hours (Tuesday)


Everyone is welcome to drop in to chat with the Mountain Sentinels Alliance program manager. Ask questions, present ideas, or just say hello.


Alliance Office Hours (Wednesday)


Everyone is welcome to drop in to chat with the Mountain Sentinels Alliance program manager. Ask questions, present ideas, or just say hello.


2023 AAG Annual Meeting

Learn more about the event here! Join AAG for this Mile-High and Thousands-of-Miles-Wide hybrid meeting. The term “hybrid” can be interpreted in different ways. For AAG, it means that individuals will have the opportunity to present and learn from the Annual Meeting in person and online. AAG 2023 Presidential Plenary and other high-profile sessions will [...]