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Mountain Sentinels Schedule at COP28

Each day at COP28 highlights a different theme and with pavilions, side events, town halls, and negotiations to engage with, our delegates and partners will be busy. Below are partners, pavilions, and events that Mountain Sentinels supports, collaborates, and organizes:

Mountain Sentinels and Partner Events:

The COP28 Pavilion will provide a place for exhibits, science-policy seminars or “side events,” and ministerial-level events in conjunction with the Ambition on Melting Ice High-level Group. This year, we plan a series of shorter and dynamic events that, for the first time, may also be largely virtual and incorporate live reports from around the COP. There will be six or seven one-hour slots each day, with sufficient breaks to allow set-up of the next event.

Specific Focus Days will include the following topics: Hope for 1.5°C: feasible pathways to 1.5°C emissions reductions; mountain glaciers, snow and water resources; sea-level rise from Antarctica and Greenland; polar oceans, especially acidification; permafrost emissions; sea ice loss and its impacts, in both the Arctic and Antarctica; and for the first time, global justice and cryosphere, focused on intergenerational justice and the legal issues of committed cryosphere loss.

The United Nations Mountain Partnership will be hosting a technical/political side event at the ICCI Cryosphere Pavilion on 10 December at 16:00 – 17:30 PM GST, titled “Elevating mountains and the cryosphere to the forefront of international processes”. This event will focus on how the Five Years of Action for the Development of Mountain Regions (2023-2027) and other international processes can elevate the mountain-cryosphere nexus on a global scale and accelerate action. We will also explore the interconnectedness between climate change, security and migration in mountain areas, while delving into the implications of cryosphere shifts and their impacts on mountain ecosystems and communities.

Learn more about the pavilion here!

Monash is Australia’s most global university with an international footprint across Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, India and China. We’re united through our focus on deliberate and sustainable growth and a just transition for all. We are proud of what we have achieved in the area of climate change education and research, especially in our climate action partnerships across Asia Pacific.

They are hosting a Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28 where deligates will engage with a broader global audience to share knowledge and collaborate with a range of partners including UN agencies, governments, youth, NPOs and corporations.

Mountain Sentinels Community Director will be supproting the Early Career Researchers event at the pavilion titled, Navigating the UNFCCC to make your research matter: Masterclass for Early Career Researchers.

Mountain Sentinels Alliance members Tiffany Pyette (Fellow) and Elder Gùdia Mary Jane Johnson (Canadian Mountain Network) will be contributing to a side event titled, Exploring the gendered impacts of Climate Change: An Art Exhibition.

Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) Network & Mountain Sentinels will be hosting an event titled, How University Partnerships are Engaging Youth and Early Career Individuals for Climate Action.

Learn more about the pavilion here!

The Nairobi work programme (NWP), a knowledge-to-action hub for adaptation and resilience, supports the curation, co-production and exchange of knowledge. It also convenes partnerships for learning and collaboration on all aspects of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation.

The NWP also articulates and responds to knowledge needs identified by Parties and constituted bodies, in particular developing countries, including Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States using an interactive and progressive step-by-step knowledge-to-action approach.

This year the focus of the NWP’s 16 Focal Point Forum will be on mountains, high-latitude areas, and the cryosphere. Mountain Sentinels Fellow Tual Sawn Khai and Community Director Jacob Stewart will be engaging with the NWP’s 16th Focal Point Forum in-person with other representation remotely.

Learn more about the event here!

The JUSTNORTH Consortium will be present at the pavilion with multitude of stakeholders representing academia, research organization, NGOs, Youth organizations, and Professional networks. We welcome you all to join us at the Popup University to witness Justice in Action!

Location: Blue Zone Thematic Arena 1, Pavilion TA1-130 

The theme of the Pavilion is “Energy, Environmental, and Climate Justice for Sustainable Development in the Arctic and Beyond.” It is organized by three universities (University of Sussex Business School, Michigan Tech University, and The Arctic University of Norway) who have been working on justice issues in connection with the decarbonization effort in the Arctic region. 

Mountain Sentinels will be organising an International Mountain Day event at the Just North Pavilion on December 11th from 11:00 – 11:50 AM GST. The event is titled Just and Sustainable Climate Futures: Stories and Solutions from the Mountains and will be led by Mountain Sentinels Fellow and ASU Assistant Professor Katie Kamelamela and Mountain Sentinels Community Director Jacob Stewart. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EVENT HERE!

Mountain Sentinels Fellow Tual Sawn Khai will be co-leading a session at the Just North Pavilion on December 3rd from 5:00 – 5:45 PM titled, Daily Early-Career Researcher Session – Health/Relief, Recover And Peace.

Mountain Sentinels Community Director Jacob Stewart will be co-leading a session at the Just North Pavilion on December 4th from 5:00 – 5:45 PM titled, Daily Early-Career Researcher Session – Finance/Trade/ Gender equality/ Accountability.

Learn more about the pavilion here!

As global food security is threatened and the climate crisis worsens, the world must come together to sustainably transform food systems and achieve Zero Hunger.

A collaboration between the world’s leading food and agriculture organisations, CGIAR, FAO, IFAD and The Rockefeller Foundation have developed a programme that bring together a diverse range of partners to share what they know and to discuss how agrifood systems can be part of the solution to the climate crisis.

The United Nations Mountain Partnership will be hosting a high-level event for International Mountain Day at the Food and Agriculture Pavilion on 11 December at 14:00 – 15:00 PM GST, “Restoring mountain ecosystems”. This event will feature prominent speakers and include perspectives from youth and Indigenous Peoples on climate change, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem degradation.

Learn more about the pavilion here!