We are holding our upcoming workshop on “Participatory Modeling of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems” at the Rock Springs Resort, Bend, Oregon, April 24-27, 2017. The workshop is led by Anne Nolin, Jessica Thorn, Julia Klein, Robin Reid, & Catherine Tucker.

The broader objectives this workshop are to explore and evaluate transdisciplinary modeling frameworks for mountains, to identify relevant questions and scenarios to explore with models, and to conduct synthesis modeling across mountain sites worldwide using a Bayesian Network modeling approach.

Fun fact about Bend, Oregon: Most Breweries per Capita in the USA (22 Breweries, 80,000 humans)

Thanks to our workshop organizing committee members: Marty Anderies (Arizona State University USA), Randy Boone (Colorado State University USA), Xiaodong Chen (North Carolina State University USA), Rucha Ghate (ICIMOD Nepal), Adrienne Grêt-Regamey (ETH-Zurich Switzerland), Kelly Hopping (Stanford University USA), Sandra Lavorel (CNRS France), Robert Marchant (York University UK), Birgit Müller (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Germany), Roman Seidl (ETH-Zurich Switzerland).

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