The XII European Mountain Convention will be organised on 25 – 27 October 2022 in the Sila National Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, Italy, by Euromontana in collaboration with Cia – Agricoltori Italiani.

One day of study visits and two days of conference to define a sustainable strategy for the development of smart mountains towards 2050 and provide the basis for more integrated and effective public policies, contributing to the sustainable development of mountain areas and the quality of life of mountain communities.

  • How can European policies support a smarter approach in mountain areas? 
  • How can we implement smart governance in our mountains areas?
  • How to develop innovative solutions for a better quality of life in the mountains? 
  • How can research and technological and social innovation help to transform and reinforce the attractiveness of the mountains?
  • Which economic tools and sectors to encourage?

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