Mountain Studies Institute Associate Director of Water Systems Silverton Field Office

Mountain Studies Institute (MSI) is looking for a motivated and dedicated individual to become MSI’s Associate Director of Water Programs. This position will assist MSI’s Water Program Director in developing and managing research and initiatives related to water resources, water quality, hydrology, and watershed restoration; and incorporating water-focused elements into broader efforts in landscape ecology, ecosystem services, and watershed management. The position will be a hybrid of both research and project management and will be split between field and management tasks. The position will support on-going research in the San Juan Mountain region related to the influence of legacy mine sites on water quality and hydrology; watershed restoration; ecosystem and climate resiliency; and will lead to the development of new initiatives. This position will serve as project manager, support MSI operations in Silverton, and will oversee the data management needs for ongoing and future MSI research projects. In addition to the above primary duties, the position will interact with MSI staff across programs and contribute to MSI education and outreach efforts.

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