Introducing a Science special issue on mountain ecosystems

Relief begets diversity. Mountain landscapes host a rich variety of flora and fauna, engendered by their concentrated diversity of climatic and ecological conditions. Two centuries on from Alexander von Humboldt’s pioneering research in the Tropical Andes, mountains remain fertile ground for studying the interplay between the biological and physical environment and for understanding the evolutionary [...]

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The Santiago Climate Change Conference will take place in Parque Bicentenario Cerrillos in Santiago de Chile, Chile from 2 to 13 December. More information:

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Addressing Complex SES Challenges

Mountain social‐ecological systems (MtSES) are vital to humanity, providing ecosystem services to over half the planet's human population. Despite their importance, there has been no global assessment of threats to MtSES, even as they face unprecedented challenges to their sustainability. With survey data from 57 MtSES sites worldwide, we test a conceptual model of the [...]

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