Avalanches, earthquakes, protests …. and cherry blossoms??

We recently experienced the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.  Yet, here in Colorado, the mountains are still blanketed in deep, life-sustaining snow.  We also recently witnessed what has been called an “historic-sized avalanche” and a “landscape-changing event” in the Colorado Rockies, with an avalanche occurring just outside of Aspen that was over a mile [...]

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MRI Mountain Governance Survey

We would like to invite you to participate in a short online survey on governance in mountain environments. We are interested in gaining understanding of the major challenges for governance, and what is being done to foster sustainability in the world’s mountains. We are particularly interested in gaining insights from in-depth case studies that have paid attention to governance as [...]

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Introduction to Social and Ecological Network Analysis Course

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) will host this new course co-taught by myself (Lorien Jasny) and Phillip Staniczenko (http://staniczenkoresearch.net/). The application due to April 2nd. Course Summary: This 5-day short course, which will take place 10-14 of June 2019, will serve as an introduction to the theory and practice of social and ecological network analysis. [...]

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An integrated community and ecosystem-based approach to disaster risk reduction in mountain systems: learning from scientists and practitioners

While a group of mountain interdisciplinary scientists were exploring and discussing mountain paradoxes, the 2015 Earthquakes devastated much of Nepal.  We partnered with practitioners on the ground in Nepal to explore the relationship between the mountain paradoxes and the challenges they create for disaster risk reduction in the mountains.  We also learned from experiences in [...]

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Thinking Mountains Interdisciplinary Summit Brings Together Diverse People and Programs around Shared Concerns for Mountains

In the midst of an early October snowstorm, academics, practitioners, writers and educators made their way to the famous northern town of Banff, nestled in the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Some people made it to Banff before the snows began.  Others, like me, got stuck on the highway for an hour or so as trucks [...]

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National Geographic Society Grants For Extreme Environments-Himalayan Climate Change

'The initial target of this RFP is on the greater Himalayan mountain system, where miles-high peaks are home to an extraordinary range of biological and cultural diversity; where snowpack and glaciers serve as natural water towers, feeding rivers that supply more than 1 billion people downstream with the water they need to survive; and where [...]

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Lecturer in Environmental Conservation & Sustainability

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire invites applications for a full-time (0.88 FTE, academic year – nine month) teaching position. The position will be for a three-year, renewable term. Continued employment beyond the initial three-year appointment is contingent on satisfactory performance and program needs. The lecturer will [...]

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IPROMO 2019 Summer School: Landscape approach for enhancing mountain resilience

Call for applications for the twelfth IPROMO Course - the training programme on sustainable mountain development - jointly organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat at FAO, the University of Turin, Italy, and the University of Tuscia, Italy, with the high patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The theme this year is “Landscape approach for enhancing mountain resilience“. [...]

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Call for Papers of Special Issue on “Mountain landscapes: protected areas, ecosystem services and future challenges”

Background A significant proportion of the global population depends on crucial goods and services provided by mountain and boreal regions, including fresh water (for domestic use, irrigation and hydropower), raw materials, and recreation. However, mountain regions all over the world are facing multiple challenges due to environmental and socio-economic changes with related impacts on human [...]

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