Special Issue: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Mountain and Island Systems

Biologists have long been fascinated by islands and island-like systems, such as mountain tops and edaphic islands, due to their unique biotas and high endemism resulting from their geographical and environmental isolation. These systems have been referred to as natural laboratories for studying evolutionary processes, dispersal, establishment, and adaptive radiation. Lineages that have adapted to [...]

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MRD – Call for papers: Migration Trends, Impacts, and Pathways to Sustainability in Mountain Areas

Learn more about the opportunity here! Mountain Research and Development Journal is asking for a call of papers on migration trends and their impacts on mountain areas. They say, "with this focus issue, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of migration trends, drivers, and impacts in mountain areas. In particular, we are looking [...]

ONWA: Indigenous Youth Life Leadership Coordinator

The Ontario Native Women's Association is seeking an Indigenous Youth Life Leadership Coordinator and is seeking qualified individuals to apply and help support positive change in the community. Learn more about the position here! At the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONWA), we celebrate and honour the safety and healing of Indigenous Women and Girls as [...]

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The Mountain Pact: Communications and Project Coordinator Contract Position

Learn more about this offer here. Founded in 2014, The Mountain Pact educates, empowers, and mobilizes local elected officials in over 80 Western mountain communities with outdoor recreation-based economies to speak with a collective voice on federal climate, public lands, and outdoor recreation policy. The Mountain Pact is a fiscally-sponsored 501(c)(3) organization based in the [...]

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Biohabitats Position: Ecologist/Integrated Design Specialist

Learn more about this offer here. Biohabitats is a leading ecological restoration, conservation planning, regenerative design and construction firm. We work nationally and internationally on projects as a multi-disciplinary team with the shared passion to restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship. We approach challenges in a collaborative, questioning, and creative manner that is always [...]

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AMS Call for Papers: Indigenous and Earth System Collaborations

Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences is currently issuing a Call-for-Papers for an upcoming American Meteorological Society (AMS) research presentation session in Denver, CO and online January 8-12, 2023. The session is entitled Indigenous and Earth System Collaborations. We welcome abstracts about research that bring together Indigenous Knowledges and Earth Sciences, and are [...]

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CivicPark Fellowship Opportunity 2022

Are you passionate about tackling the biggest environmental and social equity challenges facing Colorado today while launching your career? If so, CivicSpark is right for you! CivicSpark is an award-winning AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for community resilience issues such as climate, water, housing, and mobility. Launched in 2014 in California, CivicSpark is coming [...]

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University of Oxford: Senior Research Associate in Multi-hazard Risk Modelling

Learn more about this offer here. University of Oxford is seeking a Senior Research Associate to work on a research project to predict multi-hazard risks in Nepal to support sustainable livelihoods. The post is funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund and aims to improve decision-making and preparedness in Nepal in order to mitigate [...]

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Natural Resources Research Institute: Research Support Manager 3 – Water Research

Learn more about this opportunity here! The Research Group Manager is an Institute-wide leader who coordinates and manages programs, interactions, and collaborations with other researchers across the Institute, the UMN system and the collection of NRRI partners and collaborators. The manager also leads, assists, or collaborates in efforts to obtain sponsored research funding from multiple [...]

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Woodwell Climate Research Center: Research Associate / Postdoctoral Researcher-Carbon

Learn more about this opportunity here! Woodwell Climate Research center is seeking a Research Associate / Postdoctoral Researcher to join our carbon market analytics group. The Research Associate / Postdoctoral Researcher will work on the development of novel approaches and tools to generate robust demand-side data and information to increase transparency and build confidence in [...]

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