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Biohabitats is a leading ecological restoration, conservation planning, regenerative design and construction firm. We work nationally and internationally on projects as a multi-disciplinary team with the shared passion to restore the earth and inspire ecological stewardship. We approach challenges in a collaborative, questioning, and creative manner that is always rooted in providing the highest value to our clients.

They are seeking a Restoration Ecologist/ Ecological Design Specialist to join our Western Team. The ideal candidate will have the training and experience in core disciplines relevant to the assessment and restoration of wetlands, riparian areas, grasslands, forests within the diverse western U.S. ecosystems and rural to urban settings. This candidate should have a strong understanding of the biological and physical processes that drive ecosystem functions and that establish the foundation of conservation planning and ecological design principles. At the same time, this candidate should bring expertise in wetland science, forestry/fire science, biophilia and nature-based design, green infrastructure and climate adaptations.

Required Skills

  • A love of wild nature and the outdoors, as well as an eagerness to advance Biohabitats mission and to honor our values.
  • Experience managing/leading and participating in all aspects of project delivery including planning, assessments, design, permitting, construction administration and monitoring is a must.
  • Demonstrated academic and professional experience in wetland delineation, western flora and fauna identification, ecological assessments, desktop analysis (GIS), and soil characterization.
  • Experience with prescribed burn and forest management, agrihoods, coastal and stream restoration, and stormwater management preferred.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).