When: Monday, 4th of December

Time: 3-4pm

Where: Monash University Pavilion (TA1, Blue Zone)

Description: Women are at the forefront of the climate crisis. Women’s roles in most societies, coupled with barriers to engagement mean that women not only experience climate change more acutely but also have less chance to tell the global community about it. This exhibition will be a presentation of the ways in which one’s gender changes the ways they experience climate change.
This event is a call to action, fostering awareness and dialogue to inspire change. By uniting the expressive power of art with the rigour of academia, the event will catalyse innovative solutions and promote dialogue around the need for inclusivity, equity, and justice in the face of a changing climate.

● Prints and art pieces to be displayed around the pavilion space.
● Poetry performances
● Physical or virtual ‘guest books’ will allow audience to give comments to the artists
● Structured presentations to compliment the exhibit


Why attend this event?
● Hear the voices of women from Afghanistan, Indonesia, India, Nepal and other places across the world.
● View artwork and hear poetry from women often unheard to widen your perspectives of climate change.
● Listen and network with gender academics, advocates and civil society actors.
● Get some quiet, slow time amongst the busy-ness of COP28.

You can register to receive reminder of this event here: https://forms.gle/XFaYx7T7mMjwLwKv6

Collaborating organisations: Amplify Afghans, Poetry for Planet, Plan International, UNICEF Australia, ClimARTe, AYFICE, SDSN Youth AusNZPac, Mountains Sentinels.