Gendered Experiences of Climate Change @ COP28

When: Monday, 4th of December Time: 3-4pm Where: Monash University Pavilion (TA1, Blue Zone) Description: Women are at the forefront of the climate crisis. Women’s roles in most societies, coupled with barriers to engagement mean that women not only experience climate change more acutely but also have less chance to tell the global community about [...]

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Climate, Coffee Club and Conversations C4 @ COP28

Date: 11th of December Time: 15.00-16.30 GST (04.00 - 5.30 MST) Location: Just North Pavilion Description: Coffee & conversation with different sponsors each day for network opportunities. Confirmed sponsors include: (1) Springer Nature Publishing, (2) Ecological Society of America, (3) National Academies of Science-USA; (4) Colorado State University (two events), (5) YEAH Network, (6) Smithsonian [...]

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Setting the pace on climate and environmental education in Schools and Higher Education @ COP28

Date: 8th of December Time: 12.30-13.30 GST (01.30 - 2.30 MST) Location: Monash Pavilion Description: Universities have a leadership role to play in creating diverse partnerships working hand-in-hand with communities, and to train the next generation of professionals to create climate solutions. This special event will explore the importance of real-world partnerships to promote climate [...]

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Nairobi Work Programme @ COP28

When: 2nd of December Time: 9.30-11:00 AM (22.30 - 00.00 MST) The 16th Focal Point Forum will be held under the guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA and will focus on understanding and closing adaptation knowledge gaps in mountains, high-latitude areas, and the cryosphere as priority thematic areas under the NWP. The Forum will [...]

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Early-Career Researcher Sessions @ COP28

Date: Every day! Time: 5.00-5.45PM Location: MTU Pavilion: Thematic Arena One (Blue zone), Pavilion number TA1-130 Description: A daily debrief that brings together early career researchers (and others that are interested) to discuss each day, what the reality of COPs are and how we can make them even better. The session will have an emphasis [...]

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International Mountain Day Event @ COP28

Date: 11th of December Time: 11.00-11.50am GST (0.00 - 0.50 MST) Location: MTU Pavilion: Thematic Arena One (Blue zone), Pavilion number TA1-130   Description: The UN recognizes December 11th as International Mountain Day, whose 2023 theme is Restoring Mountain Ecosystems. Mountains are globally ubiquitous and well-represented across northern regions.  Ecosystem services produced by mountains include [...]

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