This month, the blog is going to look a little different. Previous posts have highlighted the effect of COVID-19 on the Indian Himalayas and Peruvian Andes, have presented postdoctoral research, and even covered protests. But this post is going to introduce you to our new Mountain Sentinels fellows.

We poured over 53 different applications before we narrowed it down to the 16 winners. Our fellows all are stakeholders in mountain communities around the world. Hailing from Uganda, Tajikistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, the United States, Myanmar, Cameroon Rwanda, and Peru, these fellows are here to make a real change in their COVID-19-impacted communities.

Because they are just at the beginning of their fellowships right now, we will introduce them below. In the coming months, you’ll have a chance to hear from them as they keep the blog updated on their project progress.

The Fellows

  • Siya Aggrey – Uganda
    • “Enhancing access to healthcare information through radio talk shows and enhanced student training”
  • Shahina Aqdodova – Tajikistan
    • “Revitalizing Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Bartang Valley, Tajikistan”
  • Rodrigue Mushagalusa Batumike – Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • “Improving Food Security among the Twa in the Context of COVID-19”
  • Phurwa Dhondup Gurung – Nepal
    • “COVID-19 and Community Resilience in Dolpo, the Nepal Himalaya”
  • Katie L. Kamelamela – North America (Pacific Islands)
    • “Slow and Stop the Spread: A Children’s Art Contest for Raising Awareness on COVID-19 among NHPI Communities”
  • Tual Sawn Khai – Mayanmar
    • “Addressing Community Primary Needs in the Tuisau Village, Myanmar”
  • Tah Kennette Konsum – Cameroon
    • “Establishing the Mount Oku Center for Gender and Socioeconomic Empowerment”
  • Kerry Kary Mendoza Loayza – Peru
    • “Virtual Alternatives for Farming Resilience in Ipas, Jauja, Junín – Perú”
  • Holly Moulton – United States
    • “Gender, Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca”
  • O.H. Jackson Napier – United States
    • “Improving Social Well-Being through Community Gardening in Mount Vernon, Kentucky”
  • Prinsha Niraula – Nepal
    • “Strengthening Mountain Sustainability Education in the Everest region of Nepal”
  • Tiffany Pyette – United States
    • “Safety in the Mountains – Voices from Appalachia”
  • Vidal Rondan Ramirez – Peru
    • “Enhancing Access to Remote Education in the Peruvian Andes”
  • Bidhya Sharma – Nepal
    • “Impact of COVID-19 on the Livelihood of Caterpillar Fungus Harvesters of Dolpa, Nepal”
  • Thaddee Uwimana – Rwanda
    • “Improving Food Security among Teenage Single-Mothers of the Banda Community, Rwanda”
  • Yufna Soldier Wolf – United States, First Nations
    • “Steps toward Sustainability for the Wind River Reservation”


These projects all have the potential to spark positive change in the communities they are designed to serve. The fellows will work with mentors in their field to bring these projects to life and will share their findings with the Mountain Sentinels community. Check back in for more about the fellows soon!