MRD – Call for papers: Migration Trends, Impacts, and Pathways to Sustainability in Mountain Areas

Learn more about the opportunity here! Mountain Research and Development Journal is asking for a call of papers on migration trends and their impacts on mountain areas. They say, "with this focus issue, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of migration trends, drivers, and impacts in mountain areas. In particular, we are looking [...]

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IPCC Cross-Chapter Paper on ‘Mountains’

Mountain Sentinels Network partner Mountain Research Initiative's (MRI) Executive Director, Carolina Adler, lead and authored the Cross-Chapter Paper on 'Mountains' featured in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR6 WGII Climate report 'Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.' The paper assesses climate change impacts and risks, vulnerability as well as barriers and options for [...]

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Graduate Student opportunities in Cryosphere and Hydrology at the University of Oregon

Learn more about this offer here. The University of Oregon is currently looking for PhD and MS students to join our lab in the Department of Geography. Students that are accepted will be fully-funded through teaching and/or research assistantships. Our group(s) specialize in satellite and drone remote sensing of the cryosphere and northern hydrology. We [...]

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Feminist Hiking Collective: Collective Participatory Survey for Mountain Women

Feminist Hiking Collective is a feminist non-profit organisation and a transnational hub for feminist hikers. Their aim is to contribute to transformative system change through feminist pedagogy, research and resource co-creation, and to build collective feminist leadership and power through hiking. They wish to co-build a feminist world for the common good that is grounded in [...]

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MRD – Call for papers: Restoring Mountain Systems for Social–Ecological Resilience

Mountain Research and Development is looking for papers that systematically assess restoration experiences in mountains, including enabling and hindering factors for strengthened resilience of mountain ecosystems and people. Empirical research, baselines, and meta-analyses of degradation and restoration processes in mountains and their links to resilience are also highly welcome, as are agendas for future research, policies, or [...]

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Canadian Mountain Network Knowledge Sharing Summit: Indigenous Knowledge & Science – Moving Mountains & Beyond

Learn more about this event here. The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) is hosting its 2nd Annual Knowledge Sharing Summit from June 6th to 9th. This year's theme is Indigenous Knowledge & Science: Moving Mountains & Beyond. The Knowledge Sharing Summit brings together Indigenous organizations and communities, university researchers, government, business, and not-for-profit partners to showcase CMN’s [...]

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Mountain Sentinels Fellow Advocates for Myanmar during COVID-19

Tual Sawn Khai Country Coordinator of Myanmar -16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Policy Lingnan University, Hong Kong [email protected] How has COVID-19 impacted my community? My community, Tuisau Village, is located in the highlands around 30 miles from Kalay City, Sagging Region, and 20 miles from Tedim Township, Chin [...]

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Mountain Sentinels Fellow Promotes 30×30

Yufna Soldier Wolf Mountain Sentinels Fellow 2020-2021 The lack of sustainable energy was exacerbated through COVID. COVID made it very apparent that tribes across the nation don't have running water or electricity. Those two resources are commodities in a capitalistic nation, that in which we live. To incorporate our tribal values and Traditional Ecological Knowledge [...]

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Postdoctoral fellow in Eco-Evolutionary modelling, Environmental Science Lund University

The postdoctoral position is funded by BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate), an interdisciplinary strategic research area based on collaboration between more than 250 researchers at the universities of Lund and Gothenburg. BECC develops research that contributes to the visualization and generation of knowledge to predict and manage the combined effect of [...]

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Introducing Mountain Sentinels’ 2020 Fellows

We poured over 53 different applications before we narrowed it down to the 16 winners. Our fellows all are stakeholders in mountain communities around the world. Hailing from Uganda, Tajikistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, the United States, Myanmar, Cameroon Rwanda, and Peru, these fellows are here to make a real change in their COVID-19-impacted communities.

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