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MountainTrue works with anywhere from 5 – 15 interns and countless volunteers each year across our different regional offices and program areas. If you are interested in serving MountainTrue as an intern, we encourage you to review the different position descriptions below that represent the programs that most frequently have position openings.

Application deadlines:
June 15, 2022 for a fall 2022 position
October 15, 2022 for a spring 2023 position

To apply for a position:

  • Decide which position(s) most interest you
  • Decide whether you want to apply through a video submission (see details below) or written application
  • Click the button below to submit your contact information and desired position using the application form. If you do not have a google account or cannot access the form, contact Susan Bean at [email protected].
  • Either upload a video file using the form or type your responses to the remaining questions on the application form
  • If desired or if a particular position requests it, upload other documents to the form like a resume

Video Application Option
If you would prefer to submit a video application, we are pleased to provide that opportunity. Please record yourself (either video or audio file) responding to all of the questions at the bottom of the application form beginning with: “Please tell us why you are interested in this position.” Then upload that video file using the application form, answer the required questions, and submit the form. The maximum file size allowed through the form is 10 MB. If your file is larger than that, please contact Susan Bean at [email protected] to coordinate another way to send us your recording.

Additional information
If MountainTrue works on an issue that you are interested in, but that does not have a related position described here, you may choose to name and describe the position you are looking for in your application and we will consider whether we might have a need for that kind of work.


Broad River Swim Guide Intern – position description

French Broad Water Quality Intern – position description

Non-Native Invasive Plant Intern – position description