When: 2nd of December

Time: 9.30-11:00 AM (22.30 – 00.00 MST)

The 16th Focal Point Forum will be held under the guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA and will focus on understanding and closing adaptation knowledge gaps in mountains, high-latitude areas, and the cryosphere as priority thematic areas under the NWP. The Forum will foster the engagement of government representatives including UNFCCC national focal points, NWP partner organizations, thematic experts, Indigenous Peoples, and local communities, as well as those from developing countries to address knowledge gaps to scale up adaptation action in countries and regions with mountains, high-latitude areas, and the cryosphere.

Mountain Sentinels has been invited to contribute to this UNFCCC high-level event. Mountain Sentinels Fellow Tual Sawn Khai and Community Director Jacob Stewart will be engaging with the NWP’s 16th Focal Point Forum in person with other Mountain Sentinels representatives remotely.

More details are on their webpage here!