The postdoctoral position is funded by BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate), an interdisciplinary strategic research area based on collaboration between more than 250 researchers at the universities of Lund and Gothenburg. BECC develops research that contributes to the visualization and generation of knowledge to predict and manage the combined effect of climate change and land use on biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services. BECC’s strength is its existing and successful research leaders from many different disciplines such as biology, political science, geology, mathematics, physical geography and economics that together develop BECC. The Center for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, hosts BECC. CEC is both a physical and a virtual center at Lund University. CEC conducts research, education and communication about environmental science and climate research.

The main duties involved in a post-doctoral position is to conduct research. Teaching may also be included, but up to no more than 20% of working hours. The position shall include the opportunity for three weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning.

  • Formalisation of the complexity in which ecological interactions, evolution, and dispersal of organisms affect mutualistic interactions, and population and community dynamics
  • Design and implementation of spatial, trait-based and eco-evolutionary models of mutualistic interactions
  • Model validation given available data, using computational and statistical approaches.

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in Environmental science/ Ecology/ Evolution/ Physics/ Mathematics or Computer science. Knowledge of ecological, evolutionary and spatial processes is required. Candidates should be proficient in modelling dynamic systems (e.g. ODE-models or IBMâÂ?ÂTs) with experience in programming (e.g. Matlab, Python, C++, etc). Experience in numerical methods, model validation and Bayesian statistics are desirable. Important qualities are outgoing, problem-solving, independent and persistent.

Qualification requirements: 
Appointment to a post-doctoral position requires that the applicant has a PhD, or an international degree deemed equivalent to a PhD, within the subject of the position, completed no more than three years before the last date for applications. Under special circumstances, the doctoral degree can have been completed earlier.

Instructions on how to apply: 

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