We have an opening for Research Analysts on the Keeling Curve Prize 2021 Analysis team.

The KCP recognizes organizations with a proven track record of reducing or removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Each year, the KCP recognizes and awards $25,000 to the ten best climate solutions that address the complexity of skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, The KCP received over 300 applications from organizations in 68 countries. For more info see:www.globalwarmingmitigationproject.org The science-driven nature of the Prize is in its very name. It is the only major prize named after a dataset – the famous Keeling Curve, a daily record of the concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere, measured continuously at an observatory in Hawaii. The project was initiated in 1958 by Dr. Charles David Keeling. 

This job offers an excellent opportunity for those pursuing a career in sustainability and climate science. Our advisory council and panel of judges are comprised of prominent climate change scientists and experts. Being a part of the review process exposes analysts to new and exciting climate change solutions from around the world.
Applications are due Nov. 1, 2020.