The Western Division Director of Field Programs position offers an exciting opportunity for a highly entrepreneurial, energetic conservation leader who is deeply committed to advancing the strategic goals of the Alliance. The Alliance’s field programs deliver educational and training content, provide communications and government relations support, and a comprehensive array of capacity-building services to help land trusts grow and achieve high standards. The director is responsible for leading, guiding, and developing the Alliance’s field service strategies across a diverse nineteen-state region that spans the Southwestern, Intermountain, and Pacific Northwestern portions of the U.S. The land trust culture and conservation priorities across these geographies are complex and unique, which requires a dynamic and knowledgeable director who can navigate these complexities effectively. The director will be responsible for building an integrated, skilled team to strengthen land trusts individually and collectively through a suite of capacity-building services to help them become enduring, professional and highly valued institutions. The Western division will also help identify, track and solve problems and threats that arise within the community, such as tax shelters and the prospect of easements becoming “orphaned.”

Moreover, this position plays an important role in building and maintaining effective partnerships with a variety of organizations and stakeholders, including state and regional associations of land trusts, national conservation organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, state/federal agencies, donors, and private foundations.

This position is part of the Senior Leadership team that the President and CEO convenes monthly to discuss challenges and opportunities and promote coordination across departments.

The Western division serves the following nineteen states and territories, subject to future adjustments based on the business needs of the organization: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming


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