Human Needs & Wildlife Management: Pathways 2017

* By Aida Cuni-Sanchez * Between the 17th to 20th September,  the Pathways Conference 2017 took place at the Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado, USA. ‘Pathways to Success: Integrating Human Dimensions into Fish and Wildlife Management’ was an international gathering of over 270 scientists, NGOs, and government agencies, from 20 countries. The theme of the [...]

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Mountain Sentinels Hosts Participatory Modeling Workshop

By Jessica Thorn. From 23-27th April, 2017, Mountain Sentinels hosted our third international workshop near the lovely Bend, Oregon, surrounded by the beautiful Mount Washington, Tumalo State Park, Three Sisters mountains, Santiam Pass and Metolius Spring. The meeting brought together 22 researchers representing 19 research, university, state, and educational institutions.  We exchanged a wealth of [...]

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Reflections of Mountain Sentinels at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) 2017

By Dr. Jessica Thorn The biannual Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) was hosted by the United National International Strategy for Disaster Reduction in Cancun, Mexico from 22-26 May 2017. As a Mountain Sentinels postdoctoral research fellow, I was fortunate to attend the meeting to understand policy action priorities, build partnerships, and identify gaps [...]

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Workshop on Participatory Modeling of Social-Ecological Systems Begins!

Our workshop on “Participatory Modeling of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems” at the Rock Springs Resort, Bend, Oregon has begun! The workshop is led by Anne Nolin, Jessica Thorn, Julia Klein, Robin Reid, & Catherine Tucker. The broader objectives this workshop are to explore and evaluate transdisciplinary modeling frameworks for mountains, to identify relevant questions and scenarios [...]

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Join Mountain Sentinels at Mountains 2016 in Portugal!

Mountains 2016 is an international event aiming to promote sustainable development in mountains, based on science, knowledge, and innovation. Mountains 2016 will combine two different events: the X European Mountain Convention and the I International Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions. By bringing together the European mountain community and a broader international community of [...]

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