Collaborative agent-based modeling for managing shrub encroachment in an Afroalpine grassland

Are you interested in community-based conservation and seeking traditional ecological knowledge approaches to socio-ecological models? Interested in participatory/co-design methods in Afroalpine spaces? Are you invested in the co-creation of knowledge and participatory modeling? Mountain Sentinel collaborators authored a paper that sparks interesting discourse on the subjects above! If you are interested, check out the abstract [...]

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Science with society: Evidence-based guidance for best practices in environmental transdisciplinary work

Cara Steger, Julia A. Klein, Robin S. Reid, Sandra Lavorel, Catherine Tucker, Kelly A. Hopping, Rob Marchant, Tara Teel, Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Tsechoe Dorji, Greg Greenwood, Robert Huber, Karim-Aly Kassam, David Kreuer, Anne Nolin, Aaron Russell, Julia L. Sharp, Mateja Šmid Hribar, Jessica P.R. Thorn, Gordon Grant, Mohammed Mahdi, Martha Moreno, Daniel Waiswa Abstract: Transdisciplinary research [...]

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To view where this was originally hosted, click here. Eric A. Sproles, Ruan L. Crumley, Anne W. Nolin, Eugene Mar and Juan Ignacio Lopez Moreno Abstract: We tested the efficacy and skill of SnowCloud, a prototype web-based, cloud-computing framework for snow mapping and hydrologic modeling. SnowCloud is the overarching framework that functions within the [...]

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Linking model design and application for transdisciplinary approaches in social-ecological systems

"As global environmental change continues to accelerate and intensify, science and society are turning to transdisciplinary approaches to facilitate transitions to sustainability. Modeling is increasingly used as a technological tool to improve our understanding of social-ecological systems (SES), encourage collaboration and learning, and facilitate decision-making. This study improves our understanding of how SES models are [...]

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A systematic review of participatory scenario planning to envision mountain social-ecological systems futures

Mountain social-ecological systems (MtSES) provide crucial ecosystem services to over half of humanity. However, populations living in these highly varied regions are now confronted by global change. It is critical that they are able to anticipate change to strategically manage resources and avoid potential conflict. Yet, planning for sustainable, equitable transitions for the future is [...]

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Knowledge coproduction improves understanding of environmental change in the Ethiopian highlands

Knowledge coproduction that draws on local and scientific knowledge presents opportunities for more holistic understanding of environmental change. We describe our use of a multiple-evidence based approach to investigate the causes and consequences of environmental change in a community-protected grassland and its surrounding landscape in the Ethiopian highlands. We explore the interaction of biophysical change [...]

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Rapid worldwide growth of glacial lakes since 1990

Glacial lakes are rapidly growing in response to climate change and glacier retreat. The role of these lakes as terrestrial storage for glacial meltwater is currently unknown and not accounted for in global sea level assessments. Here, we map glacier lakes around the world using 254,795 satellite images and use scaling relations to estimate that [...]

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Mountain Ecosystem Services

  Here are a few recent papers that share different ways to think about the Ecosystems Services Mountains Provide to Humanity. Aida Cuni-Sanchez, a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, worked with Dr. Robert Marchant from University of York, UK and Julia Klein, Colorado State University USA and other colleagues to explore how culture affects the use [...]

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Addressing Complex SES Challenges

Mountain social‐ecological systems (MtSES) are vital to humanity, providing ecosystem services to over half the planet's human population. Despite their importance, there has been no global assessment of threats to MtSES, even as they face unprecedented challenges to their sustainability. With survey data from 57 MtSES sites worldwide, we test a conceptual model of the [...]

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