Introducing a Science special issue on mountain ecosystems

Relief begets diversity. Mountain landscapes host a rich variety of flora and fauna, engendered by their concentrated diversity of climatic and ecological conditions. Two centuries on from Alexander von Humboldt’s pioneering research in the Tropical Andes, mountains remain fertile ground for studying the interplay between the biological and physical environment and for understanding the evolutionary [...]

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Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Cattle are moved seasonally between private and federal rangeland in mountain communities. Social–ecological approaches to rangeland management have been developed by the Blue Mountains working group and the Community‐Based Observing Network working group of the Mountain Social Ecological Observatory Network (MtnSEON). This Digital Special Issue showcases a number of examples that illustrate the importance of [...]

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Impacts of Glacier Recession and Declining Meltwater on Mountain Societies

AAAG special issue focused on mountains, with several Mtn Sentinels co-authors. Glacierized mountains are often referred to as our world’s water towers because glaciers both store water over time and regulate seasonal stream flow, releasing runoff during dry seasons when societies most need water. Ice loss thus has the potential to affect human societies in [...]

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