Revitalizing Mountain Ecosystems: A Blueprint from the UN Decade’s Restoration Principles

Discover the pivotal insights unveiled in this collaborative publication by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the United Nations Environment Programme. This comprehensive analysis delves into various mountain ecosystem restoration projects, shedding light on the application of the UN Decade’s Ten Principles for Ecosystem Restoration to [...]

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ICIMOD and GMBA: Multi-methods in conservation and development to achieve the SDGs

Are you interested in how to achieve the United Nations SDGs? Curious about the intersections of the various SDGs in practice? Are you invested in how development practitioners and conservationists collaborate, co-create, and intersect in their methods? Mountain Sentinel network partners GMBA and ICIMOD authored a paper alongside PhD student Biraj Adhikari that sparks exciting [...]

Impact of Long-Distance Trails on Mountain Communities

Photo credit to Virtyt Morina. By Katie Mitchell | Thru-Hiking & Hiking Trails Katie is a people professional – inspiring, pushing, questioning, and building. And with over a decade of experience working with people in the adventure space, she’s ready to help you begin checking off that bucket list. Katie was previously the [...]

LICCI: Local reports of climate change impacts in Sierra Nevada, Spain: sociodemographic and geographical patterns

Are you interested in rural mountain communities in Spain? Curious about local accounts of climate change impacts? Are you invested in relationships between sociodemographic characteristics, geographies, and their climate change impacts? Mountain Sentinel network partners LICCI authored a paper that sparks exciting discourse on the subjects above! If you are interested, check out the abstract [...]

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Transformation Pathways: Rural forest communities are made the scapegoat for environmental destruction in tropical forests

Are you interested in rural forest communities? Curious about frontier commodification? Are you invested in the deregulation, privatization, and formalization of land tenure? Mountain Sentinel network partners Transformation Pathways authored a paper that sparks exciting discourse on the subjects above! If you are interested, check out the abstract below and the provided link to the [...]

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Women Moving Mountains on International Mountain Day 2022

By Annie Webb On December 9th, the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) and Mountain Sentinels Alliance hosted the dialogue, Women Move Mountains, on United Nations International Mountain Day (IMD) 2022. Around the world, women play a key role in the stewardship, conservation, economic development, and management of mountains, including the keeping and sharing of traditional knowledge. IMD 2022 [...]

MRD – Call for papers: Migration Trends, Impacts, and Pathways to Sustainability in Mountain Areas

Learn more about the opportunity here! Mountain Research and Development Journal is asking for a call of papers on migration trends and their impacts on mountain areas. They say, "with this focus issue, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of migration trends, drivers, and impacts in mountain areas. In particular, we are looking [...]

AfroMount: Climate Change Perceptions and Adaptations among Smallholder Farmers in the Mountains of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Are you interested in adaptations of agricultural practices in the mountains? Curious about the extremities of climate change impacting mountain communities' ways of life? Are you invested in the gaps of knowledge for mountain research in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Mountain Sentinel network partners AfroMount authored a paper that sparks exciting discourse on [...]

With $2 million from NSF, Indigenous knowledge and western science meet to advance mountain sustainability

By Nik Olsen | CSU Source An effort to ensure sustainability of mountainous regions and peoples around the world, centered around local and Indigenous knowledges and braiding knowledges with western science, is moving forward with a $2 million funding push from a National Science Foundation award to Colorado State University. Mountain Sentinels, based at CSU, is [...]

Up Wait Creek Without a Pilot

As winter solstice is upon us and darkness hovers in the far north and south, Chris Cosgrove, PhD student at Oregon State University and Early Career Mountain Sentinels member, shares his zany fieldwork experiences from the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska from earlier in the year. Up Wait Creek Without a Pilot “… Doable but a [...]

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