ICIMOD and GMBA: Multi-methods in conservation and development to achieve the SDGs

Are you interested in how to achieve the United Nations SDGs? Curious about the intersections of the various SDGs in practice? Are you invested in how development practitioners and conservationists collaborate, co-create, and intersect in their methods? Mountain Sentinel network partners GMBA and ICIMOD authored a paper alongside PhD student Biraj Adhikari that sparks exciting [...]

Special Issue: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of Mountain and Island Systems

Biologists have long been fascinated by islands and island-like systems, such as mountain tops and edaphic islands, due to their unique biotas and high endemism resulting from their geographical and environmental isolation. These systems have been referred to as natural laboratories for studying evolutionary processes, dispersal, establishment, and adaptive radiation. Lineages that have adapted to [...]

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AfroMount: Climate Change Perceptions and Adaptations among Smallholder Farmers in the Mountains of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Are you interested in adaptations of agricultural practices in the mountains? Curious about the extremities of climate change impacting mountain communities' ways of life? Are you invested in the gaps of knowledge for mountain research in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Mountain Sentinel network partners AfroMount authored a paper that sparks exciting discourse on [...]

Mountain Partner CMN Research – Indigenous-led conservation: Pathways to recovery forthe nearly extirpated Klinse-Za mountain caribou

Are you interested in indigenous lead conservation of fauna? Interested in recovery pathways for nearly extirpated species? Are you invested in the development of populations of Klinse-za mountain caribou? Mountain Sentinel network partners Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) sponsored the authorship of a paper that sparks interesting discourse on the subjects above! If you are interested, [...]

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Feminist Hiking Collective: Collective Participatory Survey for Mountain Women

Feminist Hiking Collective is a feminist non-profit organisation and a transnational hub for feminist hikers. Their aim is to contribute to transformative system change through feminist pedagogy, research and resource co-creation, and to build collective feminist leadership and power through hiking. They wish to co-build a feminist world for the common good that is grounded in [...]

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Collaborative agent-based modeling for managing shrub encroachment in an Afroalpine grassland

Are you interested in community-based conservation and seeking traditional ecological knowledge approaches to socio-ecological models? Interested in participatory/co-design methods in Afroalpine spaces? Are you invested in the co-creation of knowledge and participatory modeling? Mountain Sentinel collaborators authored a paper that sparks interesting discourse on the subjects above! If you are interested, check out the abstract [...]

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Ecological & Environmental Informatics PhD

Are you passionate about ecology and data science? Northern Arizona University’s (https://nau.edu/) Informatics PhD program with an emphasis in Ecological and Environmental Informatics integrates informatics (data science, computing, statistical analysis, synthesis, modeling) ecology, environmental and climate science, and other disciplines to address pressing global issues. NAU is located in the scenic mountain town of Flagstaff, [...]

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Science with society: Evidence-based guidance for best practices in environmental transdisciplinary work

Cara Steger, Julia A. Klein, Robin S. Reid, Sandra Lavorel, Catherine Tucker, Kelly A. Hopping, Rob Marchant, Tara Teel, Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Tsechoe Dorji, Greg Greenwood, Robert Huber, Karim-Aly Kassam, David Kreuer, Anne Nolin, Aaron Russell, Julia L. Sharp, Mateja Šmid Hribar, Jessica P.R. Thorn, Gordon Grant, Mohammed Mahdi, Martha Moreno, Daniel Waiswa Abstract: Transdisciplinary research [...]

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Call for Papers – Mountain Research and Development

Call for papers: Addressing challenges of hazards, risks, and disaster management in mountain regions Mountain Research and Development is looking for trans- and interdisciplinary contributions that help understand the links between hazards, vulnerabilities, disaster management, and diverse dimensions of development, adaptation, and global change. Insights into integrative approaches to improving disaster management across the entire [...]

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