Human-Environment Systems, Boise State University, Idaho, USA

We are recruiting a PhD student to join a transdisciplinary team focused on measuring the impact of beaver rewilding for ecosystem restoration. In particular, the student will use time-series satellite data and social-ecological modeling to measure mesic resources before and after beaver rewilding interventions across the entire western US.  Mesic resources, i.e. wetlands, riparian zones and wet meadows, are critical keystone resources for agricultural production, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in the West. The student will develop new metrics from remotely sensed datasets to measure the outcomes of beaver rewilding in terms of ecosystem restoration and the ecosystem services that mesic resources provide.

Dr. Jodi Brandt (Website) will be the student’s major advisor, and the student will join the Wetlands-SES working group at Boise State, and collaborate with scientists at the Beaver Ecology and Relocation Center at Utah State University. The student will be co-advised by other faculty and collaborate with other students in the Human-Environment Systems community (, a group of faculty and students committed to team-based, actionable research that draws from multiple disciplines and addresses real-world environmental challenges. The student will pursue a PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, Computing, or Geosciences.

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