Community-based Collaborative Conservation in the Rocky Mountain Region

Sixty leaders of community-based collaborative conservation gathered in an interactive workshop hosted by the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University in March 2018. Workshop participants represented diverse geographies, conservation and livelihood issues, communities, scales and entities across the seven state Rocky Mountain Region. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the need [...]

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Mountain Sentinels Hosts Participatory Modeling Workshop

By Jessica Thorn. From 23-27th April, 2017, Mountain Sentinels hosted our third international workshop near the lovely Bend, Oregon, surrounded by the beautiful Mount Washington, Tumalo State Park, Three Sisters mountains, Santiam Pass and Metolius Spring. The meeting brought together 22 researchers representing 19 research, university, state, and educational institutions.  We exchanged a wealth of [...]

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Workshop on Participatory Modeling of Social-Ecological Systems Begins!

Our workshop on “Participatory Modeling of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems” at the Rock Springs Resort, Bend, Oregon has begun! The workshop is led by Anne Nolin, Jessica Thorn, Julia Klein, Robin Reid, & Catherine Tucker. The broader objectives this workshop are to explore and evaluate transdisciplinary modeling frameworks for mountains, to identify relevant questions and scenarios [...]

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Workshop on Transdisciplinary Approaches to Mountain Sustainability

We will explore whether different mountain contexts are associated with specific best practices and will analyze the reasons for similarity, including objective ones (biophysical and social context) as well has historical/cultural ones (i.e. legacies in political systems, in systems of knowledge production). We will also address the hypothesis that while the former are likely to [...]

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Building Resilience of Mountain Social‐ Ecological Systems to Global Change

An International Synthesis and Grant-­Writing Workshop

Through a series of workshops and synthesis activities, Julia Klein, Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, Anne Nolin, Associate Professor at Oregon State University, and Greg Greenwood, Executive Director of the Mountain Research Institute (MRI) in Bern, Switzerland, brought together experts on mountain hydrology, ecosystem science, human ecology and environmental governance; decision makers in policy [...]

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Join Mountain Sentinels at Mountains 2016 in Portugal!

Mountains 2016 is an international event aiming to promote sustainable development in mountains, based on science, knowledge, and innovation. Mountains 2016 will combine two different events: the X European Mountain Convention and the I International Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions. By bringing together the European mountain community and a broader international community of [...]

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Introducing Virtual Coffee!

The spring semester is winding down here in Colorado.  Across campus, students and faculty are attending final classes, participating in thesis defenses, and scheduling some of the last regular meetings of the academic year. During this busy time of the semester, I tend to walk from one appointment to the other accompanied by my trusty [...]

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Early Career Mountain Sentinels

In an effort to attract new, young minds to the Mountain Sentinels network, we created the Early Career Mountain Sentinels group, which began as a brief cocktails and tapas event at Perth III this past October.  If the venue was a bit small, and if the meatballs ran out far too soon, that is only [...]

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