MRD Talk #1: Climate change adaptation in mountains: How to close the gap between policies and local realities?

Despite major efforts to promote adaptation actions, gaps between policies and local responses persist and limit effective pathways toward more resilient mountain communities. Emilie Dupuits and Graham McDowell will present their findings on these rifts and discuss their recommendations with Kevin Kinusu, Managing Director of Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited, and Nona Budoyan, Head of the [...]

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Mountain Partnership Products Initiative

Mountain Sentinels' partner Mountain Partnership has been working on an amazing and innovative approach to securing environmentally and ethically viable value chains. Mountain Products Initiative is an award-winning voluntary labeling scheme for "high-value mountain products" that come out of developing countries such as Jumla Marshi Rice which is cultivated on the banks of the Tila River [...]

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Film: Sustainable Summits, Climate Solutions from the Top of the World (Nepali & English) The Sustainable Summits Nepal team is pleased to let everyone know that the Nepali language version of our film Sustainable Summits, Climate Solutions from the Top of the World is now available on YouTube! This film was previously released in English, on YouTube, back in 2021. It is an exciting opportunity to use [...]

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LICCI & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Climate Change and Indigenous People and Local Communities

Local Indicators of Climate Change Impact (LICCI) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona are offering a free, certified course through Coursera. Accredited professionals: Victoria Reyes García, Sandrine Gallois, André Braga Junqueira, Xiaoyue Li, and Ramin Soleymani-Fard will be the instructors guiding students through the syllabus and lessons. Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impacts vary [...]

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Ecological & Environmental Informatics PhD

Are you passionate about ecology and data science? Northern Arizona University’s ( Informatics PhD program with an emphasis in Ecological and Environmental Informatics integrates informatics (data science, computing, statistical analysis, synthesis, modeling) ecology, environmental and climate science, and other disciplines to address pressing global issues. NAU is located in the scenic mountain town of Flagstaff, [...]

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Free Harvard University Course – The Health Effects of Climate Change

About this course Our world's climate is changing. Of the top twenty hottest years ever recorded, sixteen have occurred in the last two decades. This warming has already had a profound effect. Many feel powerless in the face of this challenge, but you can make a difference. By looking at air quality, nutrition, infectious diseases, [...]

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